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I design and build instruments for performers to play on stage as well as compose the music for them

Sounding root
En Racines

En Racines in an immersive art installation created by Jean-Luc Priano and Frédéric Dutertre with La Waide Cie,that will come out in Béthencourt sur mer in june 2021.

Fruit of sounds
Fruit of sounds

This musical fruit is made of nine

parts sheltering several instruments.

Designed in 2016/2017

for the musical show ‘’Tout Neuf’’ in France

Cie Minute Papillon,

stage direction by Cyrille Louge.

Dynamic Musical House
Musical house

A house made of wooden bricks and tubes that evolves during the show.

Designed for ‘’Les Freres Bricolos’’, a show performed with Frederic Obry / La Waide Cie.

Mobile tree
Mobile tree

Percussion instrument designed for Cie La Ravi and Bérengère Altieri-Leca for the show


Sounding willow
Sounding willow

Sounding willow, pond drum,plantennore.

It has been designed and built in 2020 for ‘’Attrape-moi’’ / Frédéric Obry, La Waide Cie.

Nesting circles
Nesting circles

Nesting circles and easel.

Designed and built for

‘’La stratégie de la seiche" / Cie Médiane nv.

Stage direction: Rafael Bianciotto.

Shell Anima
Shell Anima

Percussion, designed in 2020 for "Anima", show created with Florence Goguel and Florian Allaire de La Cie du Porte Voix.

Photo Alain Smilo


I have an inquisitive mind which is -luckily- seldom satisfied and leads me to build and play a variety of instruments, sounding toys, sculptures and art installations.


I have worked with La Rasbaïa, Céline Caussimon, Michel Jeanneret, Jean-Marc Casales, etc.

I have travelled to the territories of World Music (Africa, Comoros, South America, etc.)

and taken it to the realms of Theater (Benoit Lavigne, Ned Grujic, Rafael Bianciotto, Mario Gonzalez, Dimitri Dubreucq, Terra Vandergaw, Laurent Dupont, Florence Goguel, Cyrille Louge, Violaine Fournier...) but also Dance (Claudia Gradinger, Bérengère Altieri-Leca, Marion Bae, Mathieu Hernandez...), and Spoken Words (Simon Gauthier, Marc Roger, etc.). I have shared my expertise and discoveries with others around the world (France, US, Iceland, etc.).

My co-workers today are Fred Pons (Kopo guitars), François-Xavier Guérin, Yves Fauchon, Paco Galan, Alain Sichou, Didier & Patrick Warin, Frédéric Obry, Frédéric dutertre & co.

Key figures
Key figures

My artwork.....


  • was seen by 60000+ people

  • on 4 opéras stages ( Palerme, St Etienne, Lyon, Oman )

  • over 2 continents

  • over 5 countries

  • in more than de 200 venues


L'atelier 6D

This is the place where I dream/ design/ innovate/ build and play

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